Sunday, February 3, 2013

Edward Lounsbury - faggot loser

Edward Lounsbury of Toronto is a cum eating faggot that has been calling Me for many many years.   Now, Ed is also being cuckolded by his wife.     He eats her lovers cum out of her asshole, and  pays Mistress Cassie to talk about it.  
What a fucking faggot.

While Ed was at the glory hole tonight, sucking black dick,  his wife was out with her boyfriend getting fucked.

ha ha ha ha ha

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

andrew the wanker in a cock cage

Here is a quick little view of  andrew's pathetic dick in a cage.... where it  belongs.

andy is a blackmail victim.  I have been fucking him over for years and years now,  and have no intention to stop.  
I know some secrets about him that will destroy him,   destroy his current and all future relationships,  and will most likely get him fired from his job.
What a fucking loser.

ha ha ha ha ha\

More for Mistress Cassie.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

you loser

yes, I mean you,  loser.
your dick is too small.
you are stupid and useless.

I am going to use you,   because that is what you are here for.

and,   I know you love it.

I know you love it when I laugh at you,

I know you love it when I take your money,

and I know

you need it again and again.

oh yes loser,   I know your dick gets very very hard when I make you slap it,,

when I make you jerk off for Me, while I laugh at you

and I know you love to be fucked over by Me,  Mistress Cassie.

Its time for your session,  loser.

call Me.

Mistress Cassie.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Financial Domination

Hello losers. I have just started a new blog, More for Mistress, to have some fun with Financial Domination. Its going to be a place to celebrate all the ways I can drain My little piggies wallets.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

hey fucktards, its time to PAY Mistress Cassie

oh yes,   I have lots of shopping to do, and you losers are going to pay for it.  

that is what losers are good for.

I love taking money from pathetic wankers.      In fact,    there is a long list of them in my little black book.   I love flipping through my book,   laughing at how much money I took from each of them.  I know the losers love it too.      Its really a win win situation.   :D

I especially love taking secrets from the losers.  Of course,  I can then blackmail those same pathetic losers not to use their secrets against them.    Its too easy.   Fucking stupid morons.

hurray for losers.

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

chloe cashmere: Sissy phonesex slut. Pimped out sissy whore.Call m...

chloe cashmere: Sissy phonesex slut. Pimped out sissy whore.Call m...: Licked all my sissy clitty cum off my leathe...

loser jackie

loser jackie has been  fucked over again, and again... one of My favourite hobbies!    jackie is actually  King of the Losers,  and dutifully submits to being  wallet raped and fucked over every week.

last week,   this stupid fuck toy piggy was ordered to  bag up all his  boy clothes and  get rid of them.       they are gone,  and the dumbass is now going to work in women's clothes.     hahahahaha....   losers always have to obey,   there is nothing else for them to do.


Mistress Cassie